Discover These 6 Free Online Fitness Training Classes

Take a beat and stop thinking about the current state of the world. Hide your head in the sand for a bit while pumping through a quick free workout.

Feeling trapped inside can be extremely frustrating. One way to alleviate some of your stress and frustration is by working out. Any exercise from yoga to dancing to HIIT will help to calm both your mind and body.

Below you will find links to websites that provide free workouts! From yoga to dance, there is something here for everyone!

Yoga with Adriene

At Yoga with Adriene, you will find yoga for beginners as well as workouts to help you burn calories! Adriene’s encouraging attitude will help you reach your relaxation and/or fitness goals.

Do your best, be authentic and FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD. – Yoga with Adriene

Learn yoga and join millions of yoga fans by working out with Adriene. She has been posting videos for over 6 years, so you won’t run out of workouts anytime soon!


If you prefer pilates, this fitness account will be your jam. Cassey Ho’s channel provides you with well over 5 years of entertainment!

Her videos include POP Pilates, PIIT28, and Bootcamps! She is enthusiastic which keeps you on point and engaged.

If you’ve never tried pilates, go for it! Pilates strengthens and lengthens your muscles, providing a lean figure and a true feeling of success after each workout.

Core Power Yoga

Intensify your yoga workout with Core Yoga Power. Although they require a subscription for access to all of their workouts, Core Power Yoga does have a few lengthy yoga videos that can be watched for free.

305 Fitness

These cardio dance workouts are perfect for getting pumped and letting loose while gaining muscle! The male and female trainers are fun and excited to have you working out with them.

305 is more than an addictive 55-minute cardio dance party. It’s a safe space where you can release your inhibitions, let your freak flag fly, and meet open-minded people while getting stronger and happier. – 305 Fitness

Get dancing with trainers from across the US at 305 Fitness!

Companies you know:

Yep! A few widely known brands are offering online workouts too! Check out their websites and/or apps below.

Nike Training Club

Nike’s app is available for iOS and Android. There’s something for everyone!


Orangetheory has an app, but the fitness videos are posted on the site as well.


I hope one or more of these online fitness options is enjoyable for you. While we’re all encouraged to remain in our homes, get your groove on and maybe even shed some pounds!

Have fun and good luck!

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