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Couples Cooking Together: Our First Try

Couples Cooking Together: Our First Try

Cooking with my sweetheart is one of my favorite activities! He and I both enjoy eating healthy and trying new recipes. You will find our recipes on the blog. I promise we will only share the good ones!

The first time Keith and I cooked together, was amusing. Our place is tiny, and the kitchen? Well, it’s extremely cramped! We are good with communication, but it’s not easy when you have only recently started dating and are excited to work as a team to create a great meal. It felt like the pressure was on.

Decisions, decisions… 

Deciding who was going to chop the veggies that went into the dish and who would be in charge of the sides wasn’t hard. The timing was hard and our different ways of operating made cooperation challenging. When you have a system that you know works, you see no reason to change it. Why would I let Keith steam the broccoli on the stovetop when I can steam it in the microwave in the bag it came in? All I saw was more dishes mounting up. Well, he was used to steaming them on the stove, and who was I, so early on, to tell him my way was better?

The main dish

Are you curious about our main dish? I pan sear salmon. He bakes it. Another random thing we do differently and it concerned the main dish! What were we to do? We talked and the first time we made salmon, I pan-seared it. I believe the only reason we decided that I would cook it was that the type of salmon we had was what I had been cooking for a few years and risking ruining a salmon dinner, wasn’t worth Keith trying his hand at it right then. We were way too hungry for that! Also, I’m not so sure we had an eat-in fallback option to turn to that night.

How it turned out

Our first stab at cooking together wasn’t as challenging as others had made it seem. We were told that cooking, canoeing, and putting together IKEA furniture would show us how our life together would be. If that’s the case, I will say that we’re good to go. In my opinion, those things shouldn’t be linked, but I do understand the correlation. Working together is very important and it can change how you view each other entirely.

We learned a lot that night. From our dinner prep, we learned to compromise in the kitchen and a little bit about what each of us was confident doing. We knew that just because I cooked the main dish that night, didn’t mean that Keith couldn’t take care of it the next night. We also learned a lot about how we were raised and how our cooking processes changed over time. My family cooked a lot, but my mom didn’t always have time to cook a full meal on the stove. She was busy caring for me and our family. For us, it meant that a few more dishes were completed via microwave. They were healthy, we just happened to need the microwave as a time saver.

We made it through cooking… and later, we even made it through IKEA! As for our canoeing skills? That will have to wait until after the wedding.

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