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After the recent blog post, Dropshipping with Shopify, the next most valuable step I thought of for you would be to let you know a few ways to get customers. You can’t earn money if you don’t have customers, right?

Ok, so let’s dive into different avenues for gaining customers.

Your audience and your product type matter when choosing the best customer-generating sources. You will find a lot of opportunities with Facebook Ads. We recommend not neglecting Facebook.

Facebook Ads

When you place Facebook Ads, you should target your niche audience. The Facebook Ads platform provides you with a multitude of options when you are deciding who to target. You will find most of their options to be very valuable and they will lead you to successful Facebook Ad campaigns if you use them.

Keep in mind that ads with videos and/or animation often have a higher conversion rate. Facebook users are more likely to take a minute to view the media you have created.

Begin with a few dollars a day so that you’re not investing an enormous amount in a campaign that you are not yet sure will be successful. You are learning, so you should give yourself some time to change your target audience if necessary. Don’t be too hasty making changes, give each campaign a bit of time to flourish.

Facebook is a somewhat expensive option. If you don’t have the funds to devote to it at the moment, there are others to invest your time into.


Instagram is great for showing your product to the world! Taking pictures and/or using the photos provided will help you sell your product. Creating a feed and appeasing setup will help your audience learn more about your product and your customers.

You can set up a business account and make your Instagram posts buyable. One more way to get your potential customers to navigate to your website and buy.

Don’t forget to post a link to your item in your profile to provide an easy way for followers to get to your product and purchase.


Pinterest is wonderful for advertising your blog, product and your business in general. You have the ability to create great images while also providing valuable information about your product.

Using Canva is a perfect way to curate images that are cohesive with your brand. The service also allows you to write over your image to further your point in regards to the product or post you are promoting.

Website Blog

Having a blog on your website is important as well. You can review your products and provide information on competing products as well as advertising sales!

Blog posts don’t have to be daily nor do they have to be long-form. They should focus on selling your product, so stay on point. If you are reviewing other products, make sure to include yours and express why your product is better than the rest (assuming it is!).

Using Facebook Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, and an onsite blog will assist you in promoting your product and gain new customers. Help your customers learn more about your product through these channels and pay attention to which channels are getting you most of your customers. Invest your time and money wisely and you are on the road to success!

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