Get Healthy With or Without Your Partner

As you know, this is not a fitness blog. I don’t claim to be a fitness expert. I love food! And Keith and I enjoy making food and drinks together. It’s a fun activity that (usually) ends in a delicious, nutrient-packed meal. Yes, I mentioned nutrients, which is healthy, right? So why are we here?

I can’t help it, I’m a bit self-conscious. I’m not sure it matters how thin I get. I have always questioned whether or not I measure up. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned not to let anxiety about weight control me. I’m not heavy set. I’m normal, but I always want to be the best me and that usually leads me to the thought of slimming down. So what’s the deal with this post? Today I’m striving to express how important it is to be capable of changing your health on your own. I love having a partner in life and Keith always cheers me on, but I know that I can get and stay healthy on my own. I’m going to walk through what it takes for me to be healthy and why, for me, it’s not too hard. Side note, I love carbs and sugar.

How to be Healthy

I thought it took a calorie-counting, carb-depleting maniac to get healthy. As it turns out, that’s not the case. I enjoy every type of food, but I had to decide what to cut down on. I chose to cut a few carbs out and decrease my sugar intake a bit. Yes, I cheat. I have family visits and travel that get in the way. I’m not diet-crazed. I enjoy life. Food is a necessity and you can have it all–so to speak. The most important component of dieting to me is not compromising my thought process. If I’m starving, I don’t think straight and I become disorganized. I need to be alert. I manage to do this and lose weight by consuming high amounts of protein and healthy fats, while also lessening my intake of carbs. It’s not a revolutionary diet. I alter the ketogenic diet to suit me.

Foods to Love

Luckily, I didn’t have to learn to love too many of the foods I need to eat to be healthy. I already love meats, fish/seafood, eggs, avocados, and cooking with healthy fats (think butter and olive oil). I get to keep my coffee, full-fat yogurt, cheeses, and enjoy my dry red and white wines. I’m lucky that I found this diet and that I worked to tweak it to fit my body. For me, a high protein, high fat, low carb diet is great for brain function, promotes healthy weight-loss, and helps build lean muscle.

Where Your Partner Fits In

Let’s circle back to getting healthy without relying on your partner. Moral support is great. A healthy relationship includes support and positivity. Keith and I have that. We also have strength as individuals and we can whip ourselves back into shape whenever we choose. Luckily, we’re also considerate of each other. If I’m trying to lose weight, he might slip in the occasional “are you sure?” when I’m about to consume a second helping of dessert (sorry, dessert is awesome). I know that it’s not coming from a mean place because I do the same for him. We encourage each other. You don’t need your partner to get healthy. It is amazing if they are considerate enough to keep some temptation at bay, but you are strong enough to say no. Always ask yourself if you’re hungry before you take a bite. If you are, ask yourself if what you’re about to consume is truly going to satisfy and fill you up. Take your health into your own hands and encourage your partner to do the same. You will both be better for it. If nothing less, your doctor bills may be few and far between in the future!

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