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It’s hard to wait around for your career to grow organically and you probably shouldn’t count on luck to better your lifestyle anyway. You need to advocate for yourself and “sell” your abilities to your current employer. There is nowhere to go, but up.

Today I have a few suggestions of ways to propel your career. Succeeding at work usually provides more income and brings with it, a better or more comfortable lifestyle.

Take on more responsibilities

Taking on more than just the duties in your job descriptions makes you more valuable to your employer. It also keeps you busier–if you’re twiddling your thumbs all day, this will be a great change.

Having more responsibility means interacting with different people and/or new departments. This widens your view of the company and your understanding of how the business works. The more you know the better!

Ask for a raise

There is no reason not to ask for a raise. Note that I said ask, not demand. If you request a raise and are denied, at least your supervisor will know that you are interested in increasing your status. They will likely pay more attention to the work you are doing and when you request more responsibilities (see above), you will likely be given them so that you can prove your increased worth.

Increase your education

Deepening your understanding of topics pertaining to your job is extremely helpful. You don’t have to go back to school to achieve this. You can easily take courses taught online through,, or These are fairly widely known platforms. You can add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile and/or resume to show your commitment to continued education in your field.

Request a promotion

If you have taken on more responsibilities and gone above and beyond to learn more through courses and books, you have no reason to shy away from asking for a promotion. Keep an eye on positions that open within your company. If one comes up that you believe you are qualified for, apply! Try, try again!

Move companies

If it comes down to it, and your current employer can’t offer you a better path anytime soon, entertain the idea of changing jobs. It is not easy to obtain a new job or leave a company you like working with. However, if you want to change your lifestyle by increasing your income, you might need to make the leap. Also, it never hurts to apply. Keep in mind any contracts you might have signed when you onboarded at your company. Non-compete contracts or clauses will change your job search.

You deserve everything you want out of life. If you want to earn a higher salary or have more vacation time, do not hesitate to take actions that will get you where you want to be!

Good luck!

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