Live Like a Millionaire: Enjoy Life While Getting Rich

Enjoying life while getting rich sounds counterintuitive to most people. It’s not. There are many people right here in the U.S. who are becoming millionaires while enjoying what they do and how they spend their time. I’m sure you’re asking yourself how anyone makes this happen. I’ll delve into steps you can take to be happy and increase your monetary worth.

Before I relocated to Indiana, I worked for and with millionaires and a few billionaires in New York, Maryland, and D.C. When I think back on it, the clients and managers I had provided me with more knowledge than I expected or realized at the time. Along with learning where they chose to invest, I learned how they lived and what the spent their everyday money on.


The extremely wealthy in America are surprisingly normal. The smart individuals who maintain their high net-worth status, have budgets and spend rationally.

Forget about others’ opinions 

Don’t let other people determine what you do in life. If you do, you will never be truly happy.

You don’t need to purchase items, maintain country club memberships or visit certain places to keep your friends. If that is the case, make new friends. Materialistic individuals will hinder your true happiness.

Don’t spend on frivolous things

Purchase what you need. If you’re contemplating buying an item that you don’t need, ask yourself why you want it. Is there a reason other than “I just do”? You may end up with an answer that implies it is a convenience. It is ok to spend on items that are conveniences, just don’t overdo it, and make sure the “convenience” is useful.

For example: Do you need a Kindle, probably not, but it will make reading on the road or on vacation easier (much more convenient). Just a note that you can sell the digital books you purchase on some e-reader platforms. And, you don’t need the most expensive model. Sorry, it’s the truth! Get the base model. You will be happy.

Take advantage of discounts

Never be ashamed to take advantage of coupons, free discount cards or sales! In the end, you win. You may only save a couple of bucks, but those bucks add up.

For example: If you sign up for a free discount or membership card at the gas station you frequent, and it saves you 50 cents on that pop you buy every day, you will have saved $182 by the end of the year.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Set goals and don’t be afraid of falling short. In this case, we’re talking financial and/or business goals. No, it’s not fun when you fail, but you learn a lot along the way. You can apply lessons from failures to your next venture. On the other hand, if you succeed, boy won’t you be proud of yourself for taking that leap? As Nike said, just do it. Take that leap and have faith in yourself.

Understand that sacrifices must be made

If you want to be rich and happy, you will have to make sacrifices throughout your journey. Passing up most conveniences can feel like a letdown, but you are saving for your future. You are building your wealth and you will win in the end.

Ask for help

Never avoid asking someone for help or advice. We all have different strengths and you can benefit from others’ knowledge. You don’t have to implement what someone else has advised, but you may find another way to use it–or judge that it is the wrong way to handle the problem. Listen, then decide.

Choose your partner wisely

Find the right significant other and keep them. Choose a partner who maintains the same values as you. You don’t have to have an identical mindset, but you should closely align on the important things. Talk about how you will handle various monetary situations (both good and bad) together, should they happen in the future. Finding your money sweet spot as a couple builds confidence in your future together and makes money squabbles less likely.

Be yourself

Boost your self-confidence. You are the only one with your particular combination of emotions, knowledge, opinions, and talents. You will have to change over time–we all do, but you don’t have to alter yourself completely to be successful. Express yourself politely and be assertive (not aggressive) to achieve your goals and help other people along the way, if you can.

You have the ability to be rich. Wealth is built and maintained. Work for it. Once you achieve your goals, create new ones and keep building your wealth. Wealth allows you to do what you love, so get to it and thrive.

Do you have tips to share on obtaining wealth? Have you worked hard to become wealthy? Please share your constructive thoughts with us.

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