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Yes, our blog is about getting out of debt. And although it’s not the only topic we cover, it’s essential and saving money on items you use every day helps keep those other parts of our lives in order. Let’s delve into how to save money on your life and household necessities.

Luckily, we don’t require too many items daily. You need your bathroom, kitchen, cleaning, and food items. A few ways we save include buying from wholesale stores like Costco, purchasing online with free shipping whenever possible, using couponing websites and apps when possible.

You will find that I’m fairly frank in this article. You won’t find any TMI, but a bathroom is a bathroom, a kitchen is a kitchen, and what we do in each is no secret.


First, I’m going to address wholesale stores. We have a Costco membership. We paid to be executive members, and the annual fee has shown to be worth it. I used to drive a lot for my day job, and although my SUV gets excellent gas mileage, I still had to gas up about two times per week. Add any misc travel that Keith and I did, and I would dread heading to the pump. Costco has its own gas stations!

Wholesale stores know our in-house necessities and cater to them. But they were missing that necessary car part of our lives, which by the way, we Midwesterners are forced to use just about every day! You don’t have to go out on a limb to guess that discounted gas will be a hit for customers. Thank you for your addition of gas stations Costco!

As I mentioned above, wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club have figured out our everyday needs. Given that fact, our family stocks up each time we make a trip! I’ve listed some of the items that seem to stay on our list, below.

  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Bath soap
  • Hand soap
  • Trash bags
  • Ziplock bags of all sizes
  • Coffee (they have K-Cups if that’s your jam)
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Allergy medicine (annually)
  • Ibuprofen (annually)


We also use daily contacts. That might be odd to share, but we save by using 1-800-Contacts. I’m not sure how every optometrist office works, but after having had one in all of 4 states and ordering contacts from each, it has never been a simple process. I usually have to wait multiple weeks before I receive the contacts I need. Whether or not they’re a new prescription hasn’t seemed to matter.

I opt for 1-800-Contacts because it allows me to order whenever I want and have my contacts delivered the next day if need be. Recently, trips seem to coincide with my need for contacts, so I’ve had to take advantage of that added feature. Of course, it costs more, but that’s on me. I need to think a bit more ahead. Keith does a much better job and manages to get what he needs before a panic of having to wear eyeglasses that haven’t been updated for a decade. Ok so, the whole decade since the last update might be me!

Back to benefits, along with speedy order and delivery, the service provides a rebate offer. That’s right… more money back in your pocket! When I first started using 1-800-Contacts, I tossed out the box before removing the rebate slip. If you decide to order from them, don’t forget to keep that paper! It’s easy to send in and the amount you get back could be significant. I encourage you to give it a try. We have benefited from them over the years.

Also, by purchasing from 1-800-Contacts, I earned money from Honey! Check out our post about Honey.


Since I just mentioned it, let’s talk Honey. We’ve done a post on it before, and as I noted, I love it. It’s so simple to use. You go to their website, install their extension and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Honey applies coupons and various discounts to your orders prior to official checkout. It’s perfect if you’re anything like me. Coupons are, unfortunately, not a collectible for me and that keeps me from saving a lot of money over time. Even if they’re small, discounts add up! Honey also works on Amazon, which is amazing. There are so many merchant choices when you make a purchase from Amazon. Honey helps you make the right choice.


What is Ebates? To put it simply, you make purchases from websites you like and get cashback. To take advantage of this service, you log in to Ebates, select the store you want to shop, browse and make purchases as usual. After your purchase, the store you shopped on pays Ebates and then Ebates pays you for using their site! You can elect to receive payment via PayPal or by mail.

Yes, you read that correctly. Shop through Ebates, and you benefit. Easy as pie.

Credit Card Rewards

If you have credit cards, as many of us do, you should know about any rewards you might get on designated spending. One example I was told about was Chase’s cashback rewards, and apparently, Walmart was one of the cashback companies–that would’ve been nice for stocking candy and trinket gifts (read office parties) over the holidays! Other credit cards offer travel rewards. These can take a while to accumulate, but you have to save up for vacations anyway, right?

Second-hand Shops

No, I’m not talking thrift shops. They’re not my scene. I wish I had the patience and luck to head to a consignment store and collect a good haul. I’m just not that person. What we have found, that we really value, is second-hand media shops. We get DVDs and Blu-rays as well as CDs and vinyls for friends and family! The shop we visit has new and used items, so we’re lucky to have options. Although they don’t have everything, you’re likely to find something great, on the cheaper side, to enjoy! This sounds like a date night win as well.

I expect this list will be updated as time goes on and we discover new and better ways to save, but this is our starting point. Enjoy!

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