Simple Ways to Organize

While we’re all working from home, it’s necessary to get organized. The thought of getting organized can be daunting. Even if you’re not a messy person, the idea of changing your space and possibly altering your routine is offputting.

Throughout my time working from home and being a stay-at-home partner, I have discovered a few quick things you can do to immediately make yourself and your family feel more organized.

Entryway Organization

Let’s talk about entryways. Have designated areas for coats, shoes, and bags. When you walk in the door, you can immediately put away your coat and shoes and stowaway your bags. Whether it is a closet or hooks on a wall and a shoe rack, you have organized your family and made it faster and easier to get out the door when it’s time to go!

Mail In, Mail Out

If your house is anything like mine, your mail piles up. No matter how hard I try, there is a pile almost every day. I tried putting things in different piles, but of course, that just meant sorting through more piles when I needed something.

I decided to go a more decorative route that allowed less space for mail. You can use a small decorative box or even a nice folder (depending on how much space you’re working with). I use a wooden bottle carrier that Keith had around his apartment for decoration. I love it when I can make decor useful.

Not the Floor

Your laundry does not go on the floor. Have designated areas for dirty and clean laundry.

Laundry on the floor, even if it is in a basket, looks messy. If it looks messy, you will feel unorganized. It’s easy; have laundry baskets and place them in closets if they don’t have lids. Remember the old saying out of sight, out of mind? It works wonders for organizing!


Clothes in Basket

Out of Season

Decide how you want to store your seasonal clothing. If you have enough closet space for all of your clothes, I’m jealous! We have opted for storage bins in the basement. This keeps our rooms and closets relatively neat.

These small steps also helped us feel as if our unpacking was progressing when we moved into our new home.

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