How to Start a Blog

Start Your Blog in Just 7 Steps

Earning money in addition to your primary income stream alleviates the pressure of budgeting with your salary. It allows you to go on the vacations you’ve dreamed of, visit a few new restaurants each month, and can even help you save for retirement! All good things, right? Blogging can be a very lucrative side business. You may even get the chance to run your blog full time if you put in the effort. If your day job isn’t your favorite, blogging may be your answer to a better work life! We’re diving into the “how-to” of starting a blog.

Step One: Choose Your Topic and Angle

Your topic choice is important. You need to choose a subject that you are truly interested in because you will have to generate hundreds of posts related to your topic. This sounds intimidating, but it is possible. I suggest you choose to blog about a hobby or passion you have, personal or professional life experience, or even yourself. You can always start a personal blog that is all about your life. The mix of your topic and the angle you take incorporating your personality is what makes you stand out.  As you know, is a mix of many things, which combines hobbies, passions, professional and personal experiences! It is somewhat unique that all of these aligned for me.

Step Two: Your Name

If you aren’t naming your blog after yourself, your blog’s name should be easy to understand. Your potential audience should be able to recognize your topic(s). While choosing your name, you can review blogs that are similar to what you want to create for a few ideas of how to put string your blog name together. Before you confirm your blog name, make sure that the domain for your blog name is available. This can definitely be tricky and time-consuming but is necessary if you want to gain name recognition and adequate traffic. You can research available domain names on InMotion and move on to purchasing your website hosting at the same time.

Step Three: Purchase Your Domain and Hosting

A vital step to starting your blog is purchasing your domain and finding the right hosting service. Having worked with multiple hosting platforms, I recommend InMotion. I walk you through this process in Website Hosting with InMotion in 3 Simple Steps.

Step Four: Create Valuable Content

A word of advice, do not just write and then publish your first draft to your site for the world to see. You need to edit. It is tedious to some bloggers, but making sure your content is on-topic is key. Your blog posts need to be entertaining and informative. Creating this type of content will help your readers understand your topic and they will come away with a sense of satisfaction. Each piece of content you write should boost your reader’s knowledge in some way. If you are blogging about a hobby, teach them something new. Whether you are writing about your hobby or professional services, give your readers information they can use.

Step Five: Customize Your Blog Appearance

Choosing the theme of your blog is important. Don’t waste too much time changing themes and colors. Choose the first one you love and that you find easy to use. Make sure it is responsive so that it can be viewed easily on multiple devices.  A clean/plain template can sometimes be easiest for beginners. The less you have to fiddle with your theme the better, especially if you are wanting to get up and running quickly.

Step Six: Create a Posting Schedule

I have read and learned the hard way, that consistent posting is what makes your blog successful. It may be obvious, but it’s not easy if you don’t have a plan. Implement the schedule you create!

Step Seven: Promote Your Blog

Take advantage of advertising. If you can spare a few dollars a day, do it! Advertising your blog will be beneficial. Research sites like Facebook, Google, and Instagram (among others). To learn what advertising channel is best for you to start out with. Do not disregard social media. As a blogger, your audience lives online. They are coming to you (a skilled blogger) to learn online. Decide where they hang out online. Are your readers Facebook lovers, Instagram addicts, or maybe even avid Snapchat viewers? Seek out your customers in their comfort zone. This rundown of how to start a blog gives you a great starting point. As you navigate throughout, you will find many more articles to help you get this great side hustle moving smoothly.

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