Top 4 (Most Useful) Job Search Websites in 2020

Long gone are the days with just a couple of trusted websites for finding a reliable job. Today, there are many job search websites. It’s 2020 and the culture of competitive business can benefit you greatly.

A basic job search term entered today will retrieve thousands of results. Sifting through these results on your own is intimidating and making it through them all is virtually impossible. Luckily we have job search engines that are designed to help you weed out the jobs that don’t work for you or that you don’t qualify for.

After analyzing many of the job search websites that are available today, I have created a summary of the top, most useful job search websites and highlight some of their best features. Putting their different features to good use will boost your chances of getting the perfect job.

Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

A few stats from Indeed:

  • The site receives 250 million unique monthly visitors

  • You will find approximately 175 million resumes posted on the website

  • There are 200 million total ratings and reviews of various companies

  • You can find around 750 million salaries posted on the website allows job postings for all professions. It is not limited to certain fields of business, which is especially beneficial if you are looking to change fields or types of companies. This concept helps you broaden your search and provides you with job options you may not have thought of yet.

If you would like to show off your skills, you can take assessments through the Indeed platform and your results will be shown on your profile. Employers may take those results into consideration when they start scheduling interviews.

Personally, I have found Indeed to be very helpful in securing the perfect job. I’m not the only one. Indeed is one of the most popular places for employers to post job openings. You will find jobs posted by companies as well as recruiters. Bonus: small and large businesses take the time to post on Indeed.

Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need great people…

A few “by the minute” stats from Monster:

  • Approximately 29 resumes are uploaded

  • 7,900 job searches are conducted

  • 2,800 jobs are viewed

This job search engine has been around for over two decades now. In general, it is easy to use and simple to navigate. I recall Monster being the earliest, most trusted, and widely available online search engine specifically created for the purpose of job searching.

If you need assistance with your resume or cover letter, Monster does offer those services, so it is certainly worth a look if you need help advertising your skills to potential employers.

My father used this site back in the 1990s and I have used Monster during my job searches. It has been useful and I have secured quite a few interviews through this job search engine.

A few stats from Glassdoor:

  • There are 60 million unique monthly visitors

  • Approximately 12 million jobs are listed on the search engine

  • You will find around 55 million reviews, salaries, and general insights 

  • There are over 1 million employers on the website

I place quite a bit of value on the information provided by Glassdoor. The job search engine allows job seekers to read reviews of companies and estimated salaries for the posted positions based on information reported by individuals at the respective companies.
I have secured many interviews using Glassdoor and avoided applying for positions that would not have been a good fit. If there are a lot of poor reviews of a company or salaries are reported as extremely low in comparison to similar jobs I avoid applying. I try not to be involved with management and companies who don’t value their employees.

Info from LinkedIn:

  • There are more than 675 million members 

  • Members include executives from every Fortune 500 company

  • Members are part of the largest professional online network

LinkedIn is very valuable. You should be using this website to show off your skills regardless of whether you are out of work or not. Creating a profile on LinkedIn allows employers and people you know to view your professional skills. Contacts made through LinkedIn will be able to contact you about job opportunities and networking events.
Along with being a wonderful networking tool, LinkedIn has a job search feature where you can find many positions with larger highly reputable companies. I highly recommend using LinkedIn to advance your career.
Finding a new job is usually hard work. It seems easy with all of the job search websites that exist today, but there are many candidates out there looking for the same type of position. Don’t limit yourself to just one search engine. Create profiles on each of these websites and take a look at the positions available on each.
Many recruiters will advise you to utilize as many job search websites as possible. Anything you can do to get your name and resume distributed widely is worth your time and effort. If you prefer one website over another, spend a bit more time there and learn how to use it well.
I hope this brief summary helps you in your job search. Good luck!

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