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Top Low-Cost Date Night Activities

Keith and I truly enjoy our time together and with our underlying goal of a fairly cost-effective lifestyle, low-cost dates are a favorite! Going out without the stress of how much is coming out of your pocket is a great feeling. Check out some of our favorites below. If it suits you, enjoy the indoor activities with a glass of wine or cocktail for an adult vibe!

1.  Board games! Yes, board games. They’re fun and you can play them multiple times. The challenge makes it even more fun and you really get to know your partner, be it by taking notice of their strategy or the great chats that pause your games.

2.  Browse local museums. You learn a lot about what your partner likes when you roam the quiet halls of museums. The two of you get the chance to whisper about what you like and you may just get a few ideas for future gifts!

3.  Go for a hike. It’s a lot of fun to get out and enjoy nature with your significant other. Bonus: you get to wear your exercise gear, which is hopefully very comfortable!

4.  Attend local sports events. They’re often not too expensive and if you have your own food and drink beforehand, you won’t be tempted to spend extra. Don’t forget college sports and minor leagues!

5.  Movie night. This one is perfect for rainy days or chilly nights–or even those weeknights when you’re just too tired to deal with crowds. Netflix and Amazon have been great for us. We’re big fans of streaming these days. A Blu-ray or DVD may find it’s way in every now and again. Sometimes we get them fairly cheap at a local re-seller (don’t knock them until you’ve tried them).

6. Wine tasting. You may have to $5-$10 dollars, but it’s certainly an adult activity and you get to find out what you really like on the cheap! You won’t feel like you have to finish a bottle of a wine you’re not a fan of.

7.  Go for a bike ride. Keith has his own bike and I’m saving up for one. Luckily, Indy has a bike rental system, which turned out to be a wonderful way for the two of us to get ourselves over to a favorite watering hole!

8. Take advantage of a Groupon. When we first started dating, Groupon provided us with date night ideas–everything from new restaurants to try to indoor climbing (which we both enjoy). Give new things a try! If you look like a fool, you can have a laugh together, and to us, those are some of the best times!

Happy dating!

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