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Website Hosting with InMotion in 3 Simple Steps

I have put this post together to provide you with a review and guide to setting up your own blog. You will find information about the best hosting service and blogging platform. This differs from the usual Bluehost posts that are often found in the blogging community. Although Bluehost is a valuable service, I have found InMotion to be a better fit for me and my blogging ventures.

InMotion is a great hosting service. Many bloggers use other blog/website hosting services, but I have found InMotion to be the easiest and most intuitive for use by beginners as well as highly skilled developers.

I started experimenting with website creation in 2009 in my first job. The startup company purchased the domain and hosting with the most popular service at the time. It was a hassle for me because, to be honest, I knew nothing about websites or the languages used to make them function. I knew that Google could provide me with a plethora of information and I could parse through it to find what I needed to know. Websites just appeared during a search and I was fine with that… Until I had to create a site from scratch. Essentially, this meant learning a foreign language outside of a classroom, prior to the existence of sites that teach you to code simply.

That was a long-winded way of telling you that I’ve been around the block with site hosting, development, and design. I’ve tried the most popular services and there were quite a few upsides. However, customer service wasn’t the best, and if I happened to make a mistake that I wasn’t sure how to fix they weren’t always there to help me in a timely way. When you’re creating a business, you don’t have much time to wait around each time you have a slight mishap.

In 2013, I started working for a web development company. It was the first time I blogged for a company and I came to enjoy it quite a bit. During my time there I decided to experiment with starting my own blog. Between then and now, I have put together multiple sites and worked with many designers and developers. In that time, I developed favorite services including InMotion Hosting for website hosting and domain purchasing, as well as WordPress as a blogging platform.

The first few steps in the blogging process have to do with the setup. After that, all you have to do is find your writing groove. Utilize the step-by-step guide below to get your blog up and running so that you can start making money and sharing with the world!

Step One

Select a hosting plan.


As you can see, there are a few options when it comes to website hosting plans. If it is your first blog and you are unsure of your audience, I suggest choosing the Launch or Power hosting plan. You can change your hosting plan if necessary, as time goes on. When purchasing web hosting through InMotion, your domain is free!

Step Two

Register your domain name.

It’s not easy to decide on a name for your blog. The domain names that seem perfect and most succinct are often taken, but I’m not telling you not to try. If you can get your hands on a great domain that everyone will recognize, go for it. Make sure you like the name you’re purchasing!

Keep in mind that you can change the domain name in the future, but that can disrupt your blog progression due to a failure of name recognition.

Step Three

Install WordPress.

This is pertinent to the success of your blog. There are many platforms to use for blogging, but WordPress is consistently updated and easy to set up for consistent use.

After you have installed WordPress through cPanel using Softaculous, login to your WordPress portal, and select a theme. You will have an unbelievable amount of choices! We’re biased here at Life, Love & Debt–we use the Anissa Theme from AlienWP. For portfolio and professional business sites, Divi Theme by Elegant Themes is a good option. Divi Theme has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) feature, which you might love if you are extremely visual. The theme you choose depends on the style of blog you want and you can preview themes before you choose to use them on your site.

There you have it! You have just created your new WordPress blog with InMotion!

Bonus: Optimized Setup

InMotion has a great Launch Assist feature! You can contact them if you have any questions specific to your website launch. You can also chat with departments ranging from tech support to customer service to solve any issues you might have as you work towards blogging success!

What is your favorite feature from InMotion Hosting? What do you love about WordPress?

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