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White Wine Shrimp Bruschetta with Sweet Basil

Guests truly enjoy this dish. When I fix this Shrimp Bruschetta on Ciabatta, I get requests to make it again. It’s easy to make and you don’t have to hover over the stove the entire time for it to turn out tremendous!

Everyone needs a quick and easy dinner in their back pocket for those days when being inventive and taking the time to pick up ingredients just isn’t in the cards. This dish is one of my favorites. It’s delicious and it’s not hard to serve in a stylish manner. This bruschetta can be served in the warmer months or as it gets chillier. It’s both refreshing and a classic family meal. All of that being said, it’s great for an average night or a dinner party!


1 large shallot

1 large garlic clove

1 lb shrimp (if frozen, thaw)

4 cans Hunt’s Diced/Peeled tomatoes

1/4 c dry white wine

1/4 c low sodium chicken stock

3 tbsp fresh basil

1/4 c mascarpone cheese at room temp

extra virgin olive oil

1 loaf ciabatta bread


Large skillet, spatula (for stirring), can opener, knife for chopping, baking sheet, aluminum foil, large spoon for serving


In a medium-sized skillet, over medium heat:

1.  Add extra virgin olive oil, shallot, and garlic.

2.  Once shallot and garlic are softened, add tomatoes and chicken broth.

3.  Bring contents to a simmer and cover, stir occasionally as the liquid evaporates (approximately 12 minutes).

4.  Add white wine and shrimp. *Wine is optional.

5.  Let cook over low heat for 2 minutes.

6.  Remove from heat and slowly stir in the mascarpone cheese.

7.  Gently stir in the sweet basil.

8.  Toast the ciabatta bread in the oven on broil (approximately 3 minutes).

9.  Spread the contents of the skillet on the toasted ciabatta.

Enjoy by hand or with a knife and fork!

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