Why I Blog

Why We Blog

There are blogs that focus on just about every topic you can think up. When you’re deciding what to write about, it should come down to what you truly care about. The topic doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’re an expert in or a hobby you love and can’t live without, but caring about the topic you choose to some extent is necessary. Some websites concentrate on one topic, others delve into multiple subjects and let you browse for what you love.

Developing a structure for a blog is challenging. Decide what type of blog you like most and analyze it. What do you like best? What aren’t you a fan of? Take those decisions and use them as you begin to create your own blog. Create something you would enjoy reading–there are other readers who will like your style.

So, why do we blog?

I started working on my first website in 2009, but I didn’t get to blogging until 2013! At that point, I was blogging for the web development company I worked for, which was pretty interesting. I was writing about topics I would never have thought to research before my time there. When you learn to blog by writing about subjects that you have to research in-depth beforehand, you learn the basics fast. In this instance, I learned the basics of WordPress quickly so that I could concentrate on producing valuable content for the company. It wasn’t easy, especially when you understand that it wasn’t originally part of my job. Blogging was an addition to my daily tasks, but I enjoyed the ability to learn a new skill while performing my job.

Taking the knowledge I gained from that experience, I developed a few other blogs before I settled into Life, Love & Debt. This one has a special place in my heart because Keith and I work on it together. Often, he is more behind the scenes. We chat about most of the things that go into this blog. Most of the topics we address stem from conversations that he and I have had. When we met, starting a blog together wasn’t part of our plan. Through our random conversations, we discovered that we are both interested in being involved in a quality blog.

Now that you know how we came to start Life, Love & Debt, let’s delve into why we continue to blog.

Sharing Interests

Keith and I have interests that strengthen our bond as friends, which is integral to, and should be treasured in, a loving relationship. Honestly, blogging was not originally an interest we shared. Keith hadn’t written for a blog before but was excited to try it and enjoys helping and hearing about the goings-on. Through my interest in writing on Life, Love & Debt, we have found another hobby we can enjoy together. We consider ourselves lucky to have found great things to do together and we’re happy to share them on this blog.

Giving & Getting Advice

We are two knowledgeable individuals, but we’re only experts at being ourselves. Providing posts about our real-life adventures in love and life allows us to give advice, through experience.

Additionally, Keith and I are able to offer a little advice to each other as we discuss our blog content. We learn from each other every now and again. It’s fun to find out more about how intelligent your partner is and how different you really are.

Better Communication

As we write, we learn more about ourselves and we improve our skills. In the case of blogging, we’re improving our communication skills. Choosing topics allows us to discover how similar or different our perspectives on things are; like discussions on how we work together and where we would like to be years down the road. Discussing content helps us talk about what we’re comfortable sharing with the world and how we’d like to share it when we do.

It’s Fun to Do

As I mentioned earlier, we found that we both enjoy blogging. Of course, this means that, to us, it’s fun. It may not be the most exciting activity for many of you, but the most helpful thing I’ve found out through this journey so far is that the only way we found out that it’s fun for both of us, was to jump right in and try it. The only way to find out if you like something is to give it a go. This blog may never be successful monetarily, but it’s something we can enjoy as a couple! In my book that’s an accomplishment!

If you would like to learn how to start your own blog, check out our post about website hosting, step one to starting your own website!

Do you have experience blogging? We’d love to hear from you and requests for guest posting are always welcome! 

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